Hi. I'm Alfonso

Product designer, music lover, travel junkie, snowboarder




Creating net-new features and updates, and supporting a variety of design projects for a leading sales enablement platform.

Starting a design system, creating demos, and being an advocate for design at a Google Cloud Premier Partner.

A mobile app for special perks such as VIP entry, drink tickets, meeting the artist, and more at your favorite music venue (Updated!)

A solution for loneliness, burnout, and isolation in the workplace

For lovers of underground electronic dance music
(visual design sample)

Assorted products of my creativity (visual design sample)


Howdy! My name is Alfonso, and I’m a Seattle-based, Product (UX) Designer. Product Design’s ethos has resonated with me for a long time, and after many years spent as a Mechanical Engineer, I finally feel like I’ve made it home. I approach life with empathy, appreciate sharp visual design, and often find myself thinking about how well experiences (digital and non-digital) serve their intended audiences. Most recently, I was the focal for the Training and Coaching branch of a rapidly growing sales enablement platform (Highspot). I worked on net-new features, updates, and fixes for my area, contributed to an evolving design system, and was the SME for Highspot’s custom-branding offering for it’s customers. The atmosphere was highly collaborative (other designers, PM’s, developers, and more) and the latest addition to my growth as a designer.

In my spare time, I run a small events production outfit – Loosely Based – that allows me to exercise my interest in graphics, art direction, branding, and creating memorable experiences for people. I also have a deep background in mechanical and electrical engineering and am quite comfortable with working in cross-functional teams, communicating effectively, convincing stakeholders, and responding to change. By leveraging my blend of skills, interests, and experiences, I aim to provide a unique perspective. I’m happy to make new connections and chat about all that encompasses the design world, and I can be reached here. Thanks for stopping by, cheers!

-Alfonso Tan

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