Loosely Based

Music – electronic dance music in particular – is something that I truly love. In 2018, I began learning how to DJ, and once I became decent enough to play to a crowd, I figured I’d throw a party at a venue for my friends and I. Being new and without any notoriety, I figured this would be a way to play in a club setting. It turned out to be a great experience, and as part of the process, I realized that it could be an outlet for many of my interests. Through this, Loosely Based was born.

Since its beginnings in late 2018, Loosely Based has thrown a dance event roughly once every quarter. Attendance usually ranges between 100-400 people at various venues around Seattle metro. I call it my ‘occasional party brand,’ as it’s something that I do at my leisure. It can be stressful, but I get excited when I see my ideas taking shape, and it’s truly rewarding to see people enjoying themselves at the events. It’s been a great way to get experience in a wide range of areas: graphic design, marketing, consistent branding, social media functions (and MANY of its UX-related issues), venue coordination, talent coordination, event planning, event operation, and a creating a memorable experience. While I consider Loosely Based a “side hustle,” I feel like it’s been a solid tool for sharpening my design skills. On this page, you’ll find a mix of assets and items that I’ve created in support of it. Enjoy!